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Dasavarenya Sri Vijayadasaru (Kannada)


CAST: Trivikrama Joshi, Prabhanjan Deshapande, Vishnutheertha Joshi, Vijayananda nayak, Krishna Suyameedracharya , Saraswathi Bhai prahladacharya Joshi

DIRECTOR: Madhusudan Hawaldar

RUN TIME: 136 min

Boy Dasappa's life is marked by poverty after the death of his father. He feels shame in his brother-in-law's house. When he is struggling to feed himself and his family without finding a job anywhere, he meets Rukmanna, who is a minister, and asks for a job as per the advice of his mother Kusamma. Rukmanna gives Dasappa the job of revenue collection. Hearing the hardships of the people, Dasappa returned without collecting the revenue. He goes to Kashi knowing that he will not be able to do the work of revenue collection. At Kashi, with the help of Purandaradasa, he met Veda Vyasa and received his blessings and was nominated as Vijayadasara. Then he returns to his hometowns and gives sermons to the people and meditates on Narayana. He goes to the Brahmotsavam with the villagers to get darshan of Narayana. There the gatekeepers send them out without giving permission to see the Brahmotsavam. Vijayadas sings blasphemy. At last, Lord Narayana was impressed by Vijayadasa's devoFon and came to him and gave him the blessing of darshan.