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Vijayanand (Kannada)


CAST: Prakash Belawadi, Anish Kuruvilla

DIRECTOR: Rishika Sharma

RUN TIME: 152 min

Vijay, a 19-year-old boy, starts his transport business at a very young age from Gadag, a small city in the heart of North Karnataka. Although he faced many difficulties in the beginning, he bravely faced all of them and started his business with just one truck and till now he became the owner of 4300 vehicles. In this story, a father worries that his son may get into trouble by venturing into a new business that he doesn't know about. But the same son will one day grow up in the same industry and become a big businessman. Vijayanand Road Lines (VRL) has now grown into one of the largest transport companies in India. Vijay also ventures into media business.